Horary Reading


Horary Reading


Please note: I am suspending astrology readings until the spring due to some pressing projects. I will update my return to reading then. Thank you.

Horary astrology is used to find the answer or outcome to a particular question. Some example questions are: 

  • Business and employment

  • Relationships

  • Buying and selling houses, property, and possessions

  • Health

In horary, the entire astrological chart is devoted to the question that is asked. For this reason, questions should be as direct and exact as possible. The more personally involved the person who is asking the question, the more accurate the answer will be. In other words, we should avoid questions on behalf of others as much as possible.

Horary does not require one’s birthdate and time. A question will be drawn up for the time and place where I receive and understand the question.

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